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National Domestic Violence Hotline

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Many survivors of violence, especially domestic violence, may be feeling trapped at this time.  Because of job loss, sheltering in place requirements and restrictions on public transportation, individuals who are in a violent residential situation may feel like they cannot leave.  HUD encourages PHAs to provide notice to residents, including remotely through their website and phone messages, that the PHA can still process requests for protections under VAWA.  HUD also encourages publicizing the National Domestic Violence Hotline, funded by HHS. Learn More

In addition, HUD suggests reminding individuals that shelter-in-place policies in the U.S. do not require anyone to stay in a violent or unhealthy situation, and that police officers can still visit any facility that is restricting visitors to respond to 911 calls.  HUD also encourages PHAs to reach out to their local social services departments to see what resources are still available during this time.